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Clown Fish

Clown fish which is also known as Amphiprioninae scientifically is a popular aquarium pet. These fishes which comes in different types of colours like pink, red, yellow, black and brown generally live in groups and also has the tendency to resist toxins...

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Star fish which are known as sea stars are a type of aquatic organisms found on sea beds. An usual starfish has a central disc and five arms but there are also some types which has more than five arms. They are widely grown in domestic aquariums as pet as they look pretty with their vibrant colours and unique form...

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American Badger

American Badger is a carnivorous mammal found in the northern parts of America. They live mostly on the plain and farmlands feeding on ground squirrels, rats and mice. They have strong claws which it uses to prey on its food. They spend their life in solitary except during the breeding season...

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Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a type of domestic cat which is the largest of its kind. They have thick fur all over their body and with their massive structure they are highly loved as domestic pets. They are popular in many ways like starring in movies and pet shows and are even cloned for commercial purposes...

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German Shepherd

German Shepherd, originating from germany is a working type of dog. This breed of dog meaning by its name is a good guide. They are grown as domestic pets, military dogs, guards and many. They are highly intelligent animals which need action in their life...

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